Fundación Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso


A key part of the Foundation’s mission is to study the work of Pablo Picasso from an aesthetic, historical and technological perspective. Working with researchers, the Foundation initiates research involving and based around the art of Pablo Picasso, engaging in an ongoing dialogue with other institutions.

First Research Program (2021-2024)

The Foundation launched its first research programme in 2021, under the direction of Michael Fitzgerald, Professor of Fine Arts at Trinity College, Hartford (United States).

Five young researchers have been selected to take part in the programme, which has been developed around three main areas of focus: cubism, classicism and the links between Picasso and African art.

  • Giovanni Casini, Ph.D. Graduate of the Courtauld Institute of Art (London, GB) in 2018, and Leonard A. Lauder Postdoctoral Fellow in Modern Art from 2018 to 2020.
  • Joshua Cohen, Ph.D. Graduate of the Columbia University (New York, USA) in 2014, author of The “Black Art” Renaissance: African Sculpture and Modernism across Continents (2020) and Assistant Professor of Art History at The City College of New York.
  • Blair Hartzell, M.A. Graduate of the University College London (GB) in 2007 and Curatorial Assistant at the Museum of Modern Art from 2007 to 2014, and independent curator.
  • Meta Maria Valiusaityte, Ph.D. candidate in Art History at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and at the Université Paris-Nanterre.
  • Rocio Robles, Ph.D. Graduate of the Universidad Complutense (Madrid, Spain) in 2007 and Assistant Professor at the Universidad Complutense.


A programme at large, directed by Michael FitzGerald, Professor of Fine Arts at Trinity College, Hartford (United States), is currently under development.

Involving researchers from a variety of backgrounds and different continents (Europe and America, but also Africa, Latin America and Asia), this programme is seeking to develop a new approach, notably a connection with the twentieth century and the adventure of modern art.