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Bernard and Almine Ruiz-Picasso Foundation ("FABA"), with registered address in Madrid, calle Diego de León 59; constituted by deed authorised by the Notary of Madrid, Mr. Francisco Javier Cedrón López Guerrero, on 21st June 2002, number 1652 of protocol; adapted to the current Law 50 /2002 of 26th December, on Foundations by deed authorised by the same Notary, on 22nd December 2004, number 2. 967 of protocol; registered in the Register of Cultural Foundations of state competence by Ministerial Order of 28 February 2003 under number 510; registered in the Census of Legal Entities of the Ministry of Economy and Finance with C.I.F. number G-83386508, with e-mail address and telephone +32 2 627 88 30.

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