FABA, an art foundation set up under spanish law in 2002, holds a collection of works of art by Pablo Picasso and contemporary artists and enjoys full access to a collection of archives. The FABA is governed by a permanent board of trustees, co-chaired by Almine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, and a commission that works alongside the board to develop the faba’s third main action. The main actions of the faba can be summed up as follows:


Studying the Work of Pablo Picasso

Studying the work of Pablo Picasso, in collaboration with various institutions around the world.

Studying Methods for the Preservation of Art Works

Studying methods for the preservation of modern and contemporary art works created on different mediums. Particular emphasis is placed on studying approaches to the way these methods evolve in relation to the risks at stake due to the increasing circulation of works of art.


Supporting Contemporary Art

Supporting contemporary art in the realms of visual arts, music, cinema, and writing by:

  • Aiding production of a work of art, a project or a cultural event: exhibition, concert...
  • Supporting institutions.
  • Acquiring a collection of works of art owned by the Foundation.

Grants to Institutions are made once a year. Application deadline is September 30.
You can send an application to Gwenvael Launay (gwenvael.launay@fabarte.org), with a desciption of the Institution, a detailed project and budget.


Participating in Exhibitions

Participating in exhibitions by lending out works of art by Pablo Picasso and contemporary artists, and organizing exhibitions, notably shows devoted to Pablo Picasso. In this way, the FABA enables exhibition of its own collection of works as well as those that are loaned to it.


Composition of the Foundation

  • Co-Founders and Co-Presidents : Almine et Bernard Ruiz-Picasso
  • Treasurer: Maître Miguel Troncoso Ferrer
  • Project Coordinator / Contemporary Art: Gwenvael Launay / gwenvael.launay@fabarte.org


The Fundación Almine y Bernard Ruiz-Picasso para el Arte is registered in Spain under the number 510 in the « Registro de Fundaciones del Ministerio de Cultura » (Spanish Foundations Registry).
Spanish Tax Identification Number: G83386508